If you want to sell your fine jewelry, diamonds, gold, coins, or luxury watch for top dollar, Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers is the right choice! Our international network allows us to access the global market when appraising your items to give us the ability to pay top dollar for your diamonds, fine jewelry, gold, coins, and luxury watches. 
What We Buy
✔ Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry
WE BUY gold and diamond engagement rings in any condition and any brand, fine jewelry and designer jewelry like Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, and Tiffany.

✔ Gold & Silver Coins and Bullion, Platinum and Precious Metals
WE BUY gold coins, gold bullion and gold bars, silver, platinum, and most precious metals.
6 Reasons to Consider Selling
  • 1. No Use For It
    Did you receive an inheritance of jewelry that you will never wear? Bring it to us! We purchase new, estate jewelry, and gems regardless of the condition.
  • 2. Monetary
    Are you a business owner or entrepreneur and have a new opportunity and need cash fast? Need to take care of a bill and are short on money? Get paid in as quickly as 24 hours!
  • 3. Fell Out of Love
    Who wants to look at something that reminds them of their ex!? Bring that stuff to us and sell it for some spending money to do something that you love!
  • 4. Chipped, Broken, or Mismatched
    Do you have broken jewelry, or odds and ends that you will never have fixed? We’ll take them off your hands. We purchase precious metal, fine jewelry, and gold or silver coins regardless of the condition.
  • 5. It’s Time for Vacation
    You deserve a getaway! Pay for it with that jewelry, coin or gold that’s just sitting around and create a memory you’ll not forget. Bon Voyage!
  • 6. Regardless of the reason, SELL! 
    Gold is at an all time high and we don’t know when we’ll see a market like this again. So take advantage and GET CASH FAST Today!

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Our Appraisal & Funding Process Is Quick, Easy & Secure. 
We understand our customers time and privacy is of the utmost importance, that's why Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers uses our 3 STEP Fast, Easy and Discreet appraisal and funding Process. We'll have you in and out, cash in hand...and happy! 

An experience you won't get at any local pawnshop!
Here's How It Works.
Sell your gold fast and easy
1. Bring your gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, silver or coins to our Nashville location
2. Our expert and knowledgeable staff will evaluate your items while you wait.
3. We will provide you with top dollar quote. Accept the quote and we'll pay you that same day!

Receive Instant Payment up to $250,000 for Your Fine Jewelry, Gold, Silver & Coins

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Sell Us Your Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewelry. We Pay Top Dollar!

We Buy Gold- Green Hills Gold and Diamond BuyersWe Buy Silver - Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers
We buy Diamonds, Gold, Silver & Platinum jewelry in any condition!
Gold jewelry is valued by looking at 3 different factors: purity, weight, & condition. Purity is measured in karats, which is the amount of gold relative to other metals in the piece. The highest purity of gold is 24 karats meaning it is 100% pure gold. Lower karat numbers reflect the higher amounts of other metals alloyed with the gold. This contributes to the overall value of the piece.

When selling gold, it is helpful to have it in as pristine a condition as possible. Gold is a very malleable mineral and it can be easily dented or scratched if not kept safe. When trying to sell gold as scrap, dents and scrapes do not diminish the value too much because we are more concerned with the weight and purity. However, when selling gold pieces of jewelry, or limited edition, luxury/name brand, or rare gold pieces, the overall aesthetic of the jewelry will significantly affect its value.

Valuing silver is similar to valuing gold. The value of silver can also be determined by its fineness, weight, and condition. However, when valuing silver as scrap or just as a precious metal, and not in a jewelry piece, its fineness is measured in troy ounces. The higher the percent, the more value or worth the silver has. Most silver in jewelry, however, is at the Sterling Standard which is around .925%. Since pure silver is too soft to make objects with, it is alloyed with copper to give it more strength and to be molded into jewelry pieces. Here at Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers, we buy silver and silver jewelry of all levels of fineness, shapes, and sizes. 

Platinum is the rarest out of all the precious metals. It can be difficult valuing platinum as it is very hard to find, and sometimes difficult to calculate its fineness. That is why we have made the selling process of your platinum very easy. Platinum’s fineness is measured as a percentage by a three-digit number call Millennial Fineness. For example, a piece of platinum or platinum jewelry that is valued at 900 is considered 90% pure platinum. Most jewelry is made with 90% – 95% pure platinum but it can range from 750 all the way to 999.5.
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