Six Things to Know About How to Sell Your Used Rolex

September 4, 2021

Do you have a Rolex watch that you bought or inherited and want to sell? Having a pre-owned Rolex means you have a valuable investment in your hands. Deciding to sell, whether to upgrade or for some extra money, means you would need to make sure you have all the information and a trusted buyer who will offer you a competitive price. If you are in the Nashville area, Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers is one such buyer. Understand your options before you consider selling a Rolex or any other luxury watch and read the six things to know about how to sell your used Rolex before you talk to anyone. 

1. Find out the value of your Rolex or luxury watch

Sell your Rolex Watch

Whether your Rolex is new, vintage, or preowned, it is important that you find out its value. The value of fine watches like Rolex is determined on a few criteria: the condition of the Rolex, do you have its original Rolex box, Rolex authentication papers, and if the watch is in working condition. All of this will still need to be confirmed by a verified specialist. Like many luxury timepieces, Rolex watches are crafted with great attention to detail and will take a trained eye to validate if it's authentic. In the Greater Nashville Region, you can schedule a meeting with one of the specialists at Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers and they will evaluate your Rolex, determine its value and give you a top dollar quote.

2. Must you have the original certification or receipts that came with your Rolex timepiece?

The specialists at Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers will need quality photographs and detailed information about your Rolex to give you a proper quote. If you have the original certificates, show them as well. Better yet, bring your watch into their showrooms and they will be able to assist you on the spot. Rolex has over 500 patents, and though it can be evaluated from pictures alone, to ensure an accurate estimate, it is best to have the timepiece with you for a detailed assessment.

3. Rolex serial number and model number?

Each Rolex has the crown logo and symbol par excellence of the brand. Each Rolex watch also has a four-to-eight-digit serial number engraved on the side of the case beneath the band at the 6 o'clock marker. The model number is found on the other side of the case between the lugs. Current Rolex watches have the serial number engraved on the inner bezel at the 6 o'clock position and the model number opposite it. From the serial number and model number, experts can discern the authenticity of your watch.

4. What makes pre-owned and vintage Rolex watches valuable?

In the last few years, investing in a vintage luxury watch collection has risen exponentially. Rolex watches manufactured in the late 1980s have appreciated and are many collectors' brand of choice. Unlike other luxury items, Rolex watches have proven to be an asset as they have increased in value over time. The models that seem to be the most popular are the ones designed for sport. Such as the GMT for pilots, the Submariner for scuba divers, and the Daytona/Paul Newman Daytona for race-car drivers.

5. When is the perfect time to sell my Rolex?

There is not one particular season people buy Rolex wtaches. You'll want to consider selling your luxury watch without it having to travel through many sets of hands and agents who will want compensation for evaluations, certifications, and appraisals. In that case, it is best to approach a reliable buyer who will do it all in-house. Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers provides a Fast, Easy and Discreet way to sell your luxury Rolex watches, an experience that any local pawn shop can't match. You can schedule a time suitable for you and meet in their private offices or visit their Nashville showroom at 2120 Crestmoor Rd # 3008 Nashville, TN 37215 

6. Finding the right buyer for your Rolex.

When you look to sell your Rolex, it is important to find a buyer with an international network that allows access to the global market when appraising your watch. This access gives the buyer the ability to pay top dollar for your luxury Rolex watches.


Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers is Nashville’s Trusted Source to sell your Rolex watch, purchase a luxury watch, or trade. They understand that your time is valuable, and privacy is of the utmost importance. They have developed a 3-step, Fast, Easy and Discreet appraisal and funding process. 

1. Bring in your Rolex or your luxury watch

2. An expert specialist with extensive knowledge will evaluate your watch while you wait.

3. They will provide you with a quote. Should you choose to accept the quote, you receive your cash immediately. 

With the right luxury watch and Rolex buyer, selling your Rolex or luxury watch can be that simple. Visit Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers today and walk out with a top-dollar payment.
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